Sunday, April 15, 2012

Soft warm rain

soft warm rain by Hope O'Hara (Hope-OHara) on
soft warm rain by Hope O'Hara

I have always loved to walk in soft warm rain.. we don't get very warm rains here in Montana.. but when I lived in Washington state.. it was always a sweet delight.. to feel the softness of the rain.. Rain reminds me of the Mercy our Lord has for each of us.. it falls gently upon us.. cleansing us.. filling us with its sweet fragrance.. that flows to all whom we met.. what a beautiful gift God gives us in His rain.. Hope you all have a great week.. soft hugs...

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  1. You're quite right about rain here in Montana. It was cold and turned to snow for us yesterday much to my chagrin. This is the month for rain but over the next couple months that goes to the powerful storm season...we shall see what that holds for us.

  2. Beautiful colours and texture in this, Hope. And yes, I've walked in rain like that - a wonderful feeling. Great post !

  3. Beautiful pics... I hear the rain right now... di di di land on the window the wood... dont think its from roof... I am on the ground flat... just doing my dream walk... and find you with another lovely post. Hope you're keeping well. Its abit... rocky down the south here... Hope it will pass this rocky path quick... body isn't young like the old old day... fighting this big big bear feels a big hard these days... take care Hope. Mei

  4. Oh Hope - this image is so beautiful! So dreamy ...and the colors are fabulous!


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