Wednesday, December 01, 2010

25 days until Christmas..

angels watching over us

Waiting in anticipation
for the Light of the world to come..
giving warmth and joy..
Peace and love..
melting coldness of hearts..
igniting the embers deep within
uniting the world once again
in brotherhood..

Giving Thanks

Love is what's in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen. ~Author unknown, attributed to a 7-year-old named Bobby

end of the road

"smile" I so love the Christmas season..

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  1. Ohhh you beautiful sooooo made me smile big time. Couldn't get out of bed this morning going to work and I was a little grumpy...but now smiles are way down in my tummy...because of you.

    Thank you so much for your giddy words. Love you for sending them out to me and for the believe you have in me. Because all of you things will will will turn out okay.
    Have a wonderful time...oh and that drop....AWSOME.
    Wonderful cold snowflaked hugs
    (it's coming down rappitly)

  2. Anonymous12:54 AM

    I've noticed something, Hope; I feel a sense of anticipation this Christmas. I haven't a dime to spend, the seasonable cold has barely begun, and I feel more restless than I have in years. This feels like the prelude to something...

    ...something wonderful.

    Thank you for the reminder.

    And thank you for sharing your beautiful photographs; they never fail to make me feel all warm and smiley inside.

    Much love to you, sis.

  3. I should really say, "Good Morning, Hope", as it's 4 in the morning here and I am finally going to try and sleep in just a moment. But first I wanted to tell you how lovely your post is today. This is the one season where, as you said, the world comes together in love. I especially loved the quote from the child about stopping to listen.
    So glad you still have Jack Johnson playing. I have become such a fan because of you :D

  4. Anonymous5:40 AM

    What a droplet!

  5. Hi I'm over from Sandra "Madsnapper's"
    Lovely Photo's He is the reason for the season.

  6. love love love the header, my kind of photo and the angel is awesome

  7. Thank you Hope, this is beautiful.

  8. Oh, I agree with all the above comments, how beautiful and festive all these images are! As I mentioned on Sandra's blog, I'm planning a little meme on being creative with Christmas lights and would love to see a variety of interesting light treatments. I hope you will post one of these beautiful photos so more can see!

  9. Stunningly beautiful shots!

  10. What a lovely lace angel! And an amazing drop with the reflection of the red flower in it! I don't know how you made those pretty lights in the backfgound, but all is so beautiful!

  11. what a lovely Christmas visit ...

  12. All very pretty images and lovely verse. I too love the angel. Christmas is a wonderful time of year.

  13. Such creative & excellent photography Hope! In the incredible rush of life that this season presents us with, it's nice to take a break & come visit your Blog!