The women ..Behind her lens..

Hope is an artist ..a photographer.. and a seeker of truth..

She lives in the beautiful state of Montana.. has traveled and visited many places in the states and some over seas.. Her home is in the mountains where her heart resides.. but takes great delight when able to visit the ocean in which she believes gives repose and freshness back into ones soul.. She loves to walk in soft warm rain.. sit by a fire on a cold winter night and let her thoughts fly where they may..she is a daughter, a sister, a mother, a grand mother, and great grandmother.. she loves art in its many forms..

She delights in the summer months, and freeze in the winter months.. ( she also complain a lot ) Hope believes that love can over come all things.. and perhaps one of the hardest to comprehend..

She believes in God's promise's ,sealed by his own hand within the rainbow..and delights in its blessings when seen.

When around 9 one year for Christmas she received a microscope.. and ever sense then the closer she can get to something the happier she becomes. One of the reasons for her intense fascination and love for macro photography. as she has said time and time again.. "There is so much to see just beyond our view.. and if given the time and effort one will see a whole other world that lives right along side of us..if one takes the time to look "...

Hope enjoys taking portraits of flowers.. as she believes each one is unique , and has a beautiful story to tell about praise, softness and grace... same with wild life.. and nature in all of its glory, stormy, sunny or rain.. the light and beauty that surrounds nature also has a story to share if one is inclined to their eyes and see.. to her photography is a form of art.. one of which expresses the vision of what one see's behind the lens..just as one does with a brush.. or with words... She has always been an artist at heart.. She used to work in oil and pastels.. pen and ink.. and has sold some of her earlier paintings . Hope can no longer do that type of art work.. so now she transforms some of her photos into digital art.. which gives her a wonderful feeling.. and feels very blessed that her art work can continue to flow and flourish ... She also believes that art in any form is a gift and blessing to be shared.. and hopes that through her work..and words .. will in some fashion bring you the viewer many blessings..

Thank you for your visits.. please leave some smiles so she know you were here.. as she delights in getting to know all who stop by..


  1. Hi Hope. Beautiful pictures.

  2. Beautiful Hope.
    Much Love and I love your Blog and your Art.

  3. What a beautiful communicator of words you have as well. Your blogs and photos have always inspired me to look at life and it's sight differently. Hugs Carrie

  4. Hello Hope, nice to be here again, beautiful pics and words. Happy New Year! Mei

  5. Beautiful world around us...
    just look... looking for happy life...
    just feel love from heaven...
    I wish you a lot of artistic inspirations...
    Good luck Hope!


I delight in reading your comments, the warmth you leave me with and the smiles to great each day.. thank you.. soft hugs always Hope