Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunset.. Sunrise Sunday

These are some of the headframes that are around town.. they are no longer used of course.. but they stand tall.. more of a memorial to the miners that worked in these mines in that time frame.

Mother wept, and father sigh’d;
With delight a-glow
Cried the lad, “To-morrow,” cried,
“To the pit I go.”

Up and down the place he sped,
Greeted old and young,
Far and wide the tidings spread,
Clapp’d his hands and sung.

Came his cronies, some to gaze
Rapt in wonder; some
Free with counsel; some with praise;
Some with envy dumb.

“May he,” many a gossip cried,
“Be from peril kept;”
Father hid his face and sighed,
Mother turned and wept


Have a beautiful, peaceful and very restful Sunday.
soft hugs ~Hope

Sunset/sunrise Sunday..hosted by Another point of view.

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  1. Hi Hope - thank you for your beautiful, sweet and very touching comment today. I so appreciate it. Your images are amazing... that second sunset had "Wow" coming out loud out of my mouth.... Hope you have a very blessed day!

  2. Seeing the mine situations of late makes me think this is all the more relevant. Incredible shots. It's not just the shades of the sun setting or's the magic of those moments you've captured so well.

  3. Hello Hope, thankyou for popping in and leave me your kind words, its nice to see you visit, I'll back for more read later... love your photo, they're so beautiful! Mei

  4. These are truly beautiful!

  5. Two gorgeous sunset shots. Thanks so much for sharing and joining in on the Sunset Sunday Fun.

  6. Wow.. Stunning Hope. Love them both. Gorgeous . Just Gorgeous
    Have a wonderful day also.
    Thanks Hope. Its cold here.

  7. Hope so nice to see your sunset sunday photos also. I love this what a way to spend sunday viewing beautiful sunsets or sunrises everywhere. Very special words along with your one photo. always so much catching up to do when I finally start making my rounds. Just don't get on as much as I use to.. Have a wonderful week my friend. Hugs Carrie

  8. Truly wonderful, Nice post Hope!

  9. this is so beautiful!

  10. So beautiful! The colors are just captivating.


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