Sunday, November 28, 2010

The soul


There are so many misconceptions in life.. things we tend to believe to be true.. and most will fight to the death to prove that what they think is right..

Take a look at all of the misconceptions we have about God.. who He is.. what He is about.. we have many different idea's on the conception of heaven.. and how one gets there.. what will be there .. who will be there..

The misconceptions we have on when life starts.. can boggle ones mind..some say life does not start until one takes its first breath..I may not be a scientist.. nor a doctor.. but I am a mother.. and I can tell you first hand.. that life begins way before it takes its first breath..

and what about the misconceptions of where and how we came to be?Our late Pope John Paul 11.. gave a pretty good explanation of this.. when presented by a scientist who was a friend of his.. about the possibility of man evolving from monkeys.. In essence the pope told his friend.. that it really did not matter where the body of man came from..for it will only turn into dust once it dies.. what was important was where the soul of man came from.. and where the soul of man goes after death..for its the soul that lives on..

We being human tend to put things in human form and understanding.. so when we are told that God created us in His image.. we tend to vision a human form.. and because Jesus was half man and half God.. then it makes sense to us.. that God looks like us.. or we look like God.. in Human form..but we tend to ignore the soul.. its our souls that reflect the image of God.. not our bodies.. for our body is only a shell that encases the soul.. which is what will last through out eternity..

have you ever wondered what our soul look like ? how do we feed the soul.. how do we access our soul.. ? how do we relate to that which we can't not see.. but in truth is our very essence..?

we feed our bodies.. we clothe our bodies.. our bodies get sick..we go and see a doctor.. we take meds.. our bodies die.. it decays.. and goes back to dust..

But what about the soul? Have you ever really thought about your soul.. what it looks like.. what happens to it.. can we kill it?

Seems like we tend to kill a lot of things through out our lives..past /and present history of the human race is evidence that we can be a savage..selfish..race..when we suffocate the soul..

war rages within us all the time.. our body yearns for one thing.. while the soul yearns for another..its a consent battle.. in the end.. the body will die..the soul will live.. what happens to it then.. depends on how strong it became on what it was fed while imprisoned with in the body..

will it be brilliant and soft.. or ugly and crippled..

guess its up to us.. on what we want to it to we feed we take care of it..


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  1. What a lovely soul you must have. Thank you so much, Hope.

  2. Very thought provoking, thank you Hope. God Bless - Nita

  3. I've thought that man's obsession with how God is could easily be resolved by having relationship with him. Religion ever talks about God but I want to know Him...not just know about Him. The spirit always trumps the flesh for sure. I like your thoughts here my friend.

  4. Wonderful post, Hope. I love the subject and all the ideas that everyone in this old world has, and you're right: people fight to the death to prove their point, hence, wars. But it's so much deeper than that, and I for one think that the soul lives on regardless of the death of the body. It has many lessons to learn and will not become one with God until those lessons are learned. But that's just me and I could go on for thousands of pages about the subject as many have. Still, it fascinating, but the bottom line is belief, faith, and living The Golden Rule.

  5. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Wonderful writing on a difficult subject. That Rose will feed mine for hours. As many like it have done. I have this vague hope that souls are recycled. Complete with ups and downs, or spanking fresh and new.

  6. Great post Hope. No one knows where the soul goes, although there are many indications in the Bible. Now we see dimly, then all shall be made clear.

  7. Powerful, powerful stuff!!! And two beautiful pictures. I do think you have captured the soul of that flower! I agree with everything you said! I always like to say if man evolved from apes, then why are there still apes?

  8. Hi dear Hope thanks for bringing all these things true and so ashame full at some points.
    So we need to nuture all that lives around us. Love the pics you've send along. God hears our prayers. Can't wait to meet up with you here or some day there....
    Hugs D.

    Ps thanks for you wonderful comments on my blog. Be well my friend.

  9. So many good thoughts you have shared ... and the photos so filled with light.

  10. i think of our soul as a misty like spirit that when our body dies, it is with God in heaven. our soul is what we ARE how we are who we are what we do, if the souls good the person is if bad the person is bad

  11. Wonderful post. Beautiful photographs.

  12. Anonymous7:52 PM

    I loved this essay, Hope; it's so true and it's so you!

    Thank you for giving me something gentle to think about when the world around me is so harsh and violent.

    Much love, sis...

  13. Beautiful photos and very insightful thoughts. There are many differences of opinion about the nature of God and Jesus, but one thing we do know is that Jesus walked the earth as a man and changed the world with his teachings and good works. It is a wonderful time of year to celebrate his birth and think about how different this world would be if we all were 'doers of his word'.