Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Blessings

Christmas blessings

I know some of you have tried to access my blog the past week, only to find it private.. I had to shut down for awhile.. and still won't be blogging for awhile longer.. sometimes one just has to take time away..
to regain their perspective..but wanted you all to know, that I will try and visit you as I can..your friendship does mean a lot to me.. and I thank you for your understanding and your continued support...
hope that your Christmas shopping is almost done and that you are enjoying this beautiful time of year..
much love.. and soft hugs..

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  1. I have missed you, Hope, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. So many of your posts and photos have touched me over the last month or so. I saw your note to me and yes, we had only recently begun to forge a friendship and I am still most happy to do that when you are ready to return. I have to say, though, there were days when going through your posts and photos really made my own day better. Your "sight" is extraordinary behind that shutter button, and even in these wee hours of the morning (2am here), I see your new header photo and I just keep looking deeper and deeper into it. Wow. What a talent :) And so it is this morning that I wish you well and wish you your time to relax and let the cares float away, and I wish you the wonderful and warmly loving Christmas that you deserve...and I send that wish to you with 'soft hugs'. Here's to looking forward to seeing your entries again -- Cheers! And blessings sent your way :)

  2. Hope, I wish you every blessing this Christmas and lots of Peace in the New year. Hugs - Nita

  3. Have a Merry Christmas Hope! I love pop in now and then. Your pics make me dream... wish I can too... will miss you. Mei

  4. Thank you Hope for your lovely note. Wish you gorgeous days to come with your loved ones.

  5. I'm glad it will only be awhile longer, and not for good. I would surely miss you and your beautiful photography here.


  6. It is really good to hear you. FB has it's place I suppose but it's just not very satisfying for real communication if you ask me. I do look forward to your return. How but this warmer weather? I guess we paid our due and now others are getting it pretty badly right now. Bless you my friend.

  7. So glad you'll be back... take time for you - sometimes we all need a blog break...

  8. Ohhh hi Hope gladd you're back (even for just a moment). Good to hear from you and I find it hard you leaving comments on my blog and I'm not able to get back to you. But girl I totaly understand. Do take your time, I'll be here waiting for your return.

    I wish you a stunning Xmas and an even better New Year. Wonderful hugs my blogfriend.

    CU around Dagmar


I delight in reading your comments, the warmth you leave me with and the smiles to great each day.. thank you.. soft hugs always Hope