Thursday, September 02, 2010

water force of life


Water is one of the four elements, the most beautiful of God's creations.
Holy Scripture says, "And the
darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon
the face of the waters." Water, then, is the most beautiful element its rich in
usefulness, and purifies from all filth, and not only from the body
but from the soul,as well,

Our Souls are like pools of still water upon which the spirits rains fall, sending out tiny ripples of waves that whisper our destiny's call.

little blessings

Every soul is a melody which needs renewing ~Stephane Mallarme

itty bitty tear let me down

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  1. Dear Hope. Thank you for this beautiful post you shared.
    This week I have sat and wondered a few times why it is that so many of us women are drawn to water. Its so healing. I love the waterfall . One of my favs you have done or created. The Sunflower speaks for herself.. she is a stunner. I have some too:) and not as good as this beauty. I could hardly wait to see yours . More please.!! Smile
    Lovely post with Scripture .
    I have a new addiction. Books.
    I have one called Pearls. Its all Scripture and Gods words.
    Have a wonderful day Hope.
    Life is catching up on me and I just cant keep up. Im getting tired and were just starting harvest and its back out the door and on the road again today and life goes on .
    Much Love my Heart Sister

  2. Hope your creativity is singing, it resonates with so much beauty. I am so glad to have you as a friend. Hugs Carrie

  3. You're always been a force of nature as my friend Hope, how can I thank you enough for that? Delightful post as always!

  4. Anonymous12:02 AM

    Beautiful words to accompany a beautiful photograph; thank you for sharing them, sis. What a wonderful way to end my day...

    Have a great weekend! Have some fun!!

    Lot'sa love!!!


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