Friday, August 27, 2010

perfume of flowers

Some people worry that artificial intelligence will make us feel inferior, but then, anybody in his right mind should have an inferiority complex every time he looks at a flower. ~Alan C. Kay

color me softly

Flowers Perfume.
their fragrance intoxifing.
their beauty overwhelimg
their simplicity awe inspiring.
touched by God's smile.






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  1. You images are not in the least in my view an place near smplicity.
    I feel like I could reach out and touch them.
    Beautiful Hope.
    Thanks for the wonderful view.
    Much Love Sis

  2. Hi Hope, that is beautiful, love the flowers. have a good sunday, pleased you are enjoying your granbaby, it passes all too quickly, we need to make the most of every stage - hugs - nita

  3. Amazing photos my friend! You've well captured one of my favorite subjects. Thanks for visiting my space. I believe you're exactly right in all you've said. Thank you so much fi standing with us.

  4. Wow! Hope, these are all brilliant! Am I ever glad you stopped in my site so that I could find yours! Thanks very much for the follow... I'm about to follow you in return. I love your blog! :o)

  5. These are all gorgeous Hope !! Beautiful colour and detail. Glad you found me too so I could find you.

    I spent some time here earlier today just looking at your wonderful photos - then got called away, and finally made it back. Lovely work!

  6. Hi there Hope, thanks for stopping by at my space in blogland. You amazed me with your sweet words specially now that I'm looking at your stunningly beautiful pics... Wow as I might have captured your heart you just placed that in return in my heart.

    I will try to visit you on a frequently base jet as you saw in my lines....I'm kind of busy at the moments. So it might take some time.

    Thanks again and talk soon.
    Hugs Dagmar

  7. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Your images are beautiful, Hope, and the quote which accompanies your photographs is so appropriate and true!!!

    Thank you for both!!!

    Love you, sis...

  8. These are some beautiful flowers and some unusual ones thrown in there too. Nice work. Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower.

  9. And smile your flowers make me. Hugs Carrie


I delight in reading your comments, the warmth you leave me with and the smiles to great each day.. thank you.. soft hugs always Hope