Friday, August 06, 2010

Fun on the lake

My sister Fran has 3 boys.. they all went out on the canoe.. the oldest one was in the middle.. somewhere along the way.. he fell out of the canoe.. story goes that the boat tipped a little and he did not realize it.. hahaha.. we all believe that the tipping was helped along by the two  younger brothers..

The one that fell out got his revenge.. by making his younger brothers pull him all the way back  to shore

Early morning fishing..
and of course.. one can't be by a lake without someone water skiing..
don't know who this was.. but he was having fun.. he did fall.. but didn't get a capture of that.. I did ask if I could have a rerun on his fall.. but they declined..with a smile..
don't know who this was either.. but couldn't help but take his picture..
 I miss my morning walks down by the lake.. miss the water lillies.. the peace..and all the activity that happens when by water.. do have some wonderful memories that will last a life time though..
hope you enjoy..
soft hugs as always

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  1. Hello Hope, It is great to have those memories, isn't it. Your granbaby is lovely, happy times ahead - have a great weekend, hugs - Nita.

  2. I've not been on a lake for some time but this still filled my mind with some wonderful images! Loved the pictures as well my friend!

  3. Greetings my friend. My dad actually found out from the forest service which had cabins they use on occasion but can be rented if you call in. We've done this several times and loved it each time. I'm with you about sleeping on the ground...between the kinks in the back and bears I think I'd rather not! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  4. Dear Hope . Thank you so much for sharing your life here with me . What a beautiful view to behold and I know you , you had to be heaven the whole time. And yes your right ..thank God for the photos that we do have .
    Hope thank you for walking this path God put us both together so very long ago . Time comes and goes. Season after season hearts and sisters we remained tied together by the ties that bind us together and I Thank God for them and you.
    Love you my friend , my Kindred Sister. Smile.
    Always and Forever.
    Lissa aka Lisa

  5. Thansk also for the congrats on my Momma Panda. Yup I was very exceited and I too was dancing.!!!

  6. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Just stopping by to let you know I'm still around and thinking of you, sis.

    No energy for blogging until the weather cools down...

    "See" ya later!

  7. Hello my dear Hope, What peace I felt listening to the wonderful sound of nature and viewing people really enjoying themselves on the lake. I think I find looking at the photos sometime more relaxing then being there. Seems when I am at places like this I am so busy cooking or trying to get so much in, in such a short period that I miss the whole experience. Thank you for giving me that feeling that I don't often get in real life experiences... Hugs Carrie


I delight in reading your comments, the warmth you leave me with and the smiles to great each day.. thank you.. soft hugs always Hope