Sunday, March 19, 2006

Garden of my soul

garden of earthy delights how dim you are in the translucent rays of light springing forth, from the depths of the soul, shinning upon the garden which is nourished in love and sorrow. Into the depths of darkness, of nothingness, of void...springs forth the warmth and tenderness of rays of translucent light engulfing the soul, freeing it once again.

lights kiss

During this Lenten season , one begins to ask themselves.. what is this really about. Is it only about making sacrifices or force some restrictions upon ourselves. Which in the end most of us will fail at. Or is it the inner reflection.. closeness, acceptance. and the value of love we offer ? Perhaps the inner reflection of ourselves during lent is best done ,with humility and simplicity. And the quality of the love we put in all things

A few years back I ran across a poem.. don't remember it all but what i do remember has always stuck with me..

death and
yet that
which I was
and that
which I am
and that
which I will become

~Hope ©. all rights reserved.>


  1. Marge9:09 PM

    This is a wonderful moment. As I read this, it is nearly Ash Wednesday, 2007.

    In my mind, Lent represents the time of preparation for miracles to take place: miracles of change, of sacrifice, and redemption.

    It is also a time of hope.

    Just like your name.



  2. Hi Hope, Yep I am way back here in the beginning. I started clicking on links going How could I have missed so many blogs in just a few weeks then suddenly looked at the dates. So I see you have reposted everything here. I so need to that as well. Just have to find the time. Happy blogging my friend. I bid you good night as I could spend days here otherwise. Hug Carrie


I delight in reading your comments, the warmth you leave me with and the smiles to great each day.. thank you.. soft hugs always Hope