Saturday, March 25, 2006

Do you ever wonder

twilight of life
Have you ever seen a rose bud that has not been given the chance to fully bloom. and by all appearances looks dead? If you peel back the layers that are dry and crusty, you will find that the inner part is still fresh and fragrant.

innosence of life

I often wonder if that is what our souls are like.. The exterior part of our bodies and mind that encase the soul, is often plundered with pain, suffering.. feelings of being dried up, useless , unwanted, unloved, forgotten.. Due to the overflowing circumstances of daily life. Good or bad.. horrific, or pleasure. it all affects who we are.. in the way we think, act.. and believe.. Sometimes it feels as we are truly alone..that there is no God, that cares.. if there were, then why do we hurt so.. why are we left to fend for our selves.. why is there so much unrest.. why do bad things happen to good people.. Perhaps its centers around the fact that we "all" have 'free will" .. most of the time this seems so very unfair.. Unfair to the people that have been beaten, violated, or killed. there is always that why.. and most of the time those whys are never fully answered, if ever answered at all. Do you ever wonder if maybe when all things seem so dark and foreboding, that in truth, we are really just in the shadow of our God, and that he really is far more close to us in those times, than we with our limited minds can perceive. Do you ever wonder that perhaps that we get so caught up in what 'we' are doing or not doing, That we don't see what God is doing.. how he is really helping, even though it may seem like he isn't doing anything. Have you ever felt like you were in a padded room and no matter how loud you scream, no one hears.? Some call it the dark night of the soul. and some say, that when your in such a place, that is when God is most near. Do you ever wonder that perhaps during these times, when we feel so alone that .. its because we are like children and like children we tend to become afraid, and hide.. and perhaps we are hiding 'behind' God's throne, and if only we were peek around the corner we just might find that he is there, waiting for us.. I have heard that there is a place in the Alps. where a rose grows. its the only place where this one rose will grow.. it has no fragrance, until you pinch or crush its petals.. then it give off the most sweetest of all aroma's.. Do you ever wonder if that is what has to happen to the soul, in order for it to bloom?

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  1. Marge9:05 PM

    This is a powerful entry, Hope.

    As one who has suffered from depression off and on most of my life, I came to find comfort in the insight that when God seems far away and we feel most alone, it is, in fact, WE who are far away. God is always there whether we see Him or not.

    Thankfully, He loves us, is patient, and even if we take a lifetime to see Him, He's still there. Waiting. Always loving us.




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