Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Winters touch

winters touch

Its so comforting to know that no matter who or what we may have become through out the years. We can never move beyond God's love. Our bodies may show the wear and tear of the years past. Our souls can become disfigured, and disgraced by the multitude of its sins. But unlike the body, which can't regain its luster of former years. The soul can quickly return to its former beauty. if we give ample and exact repentance, of the damage we caused it.
Something to think about.

I have that winter cold/flu that comes knocking at my door same time each year..
plus its around the time I tend to hibernate..
winters icy fingers have touched the earth here..
not enough snow to last.. so it gets melted or dirty..

that in-between time of fall and winter where it does not know just quiet what to do.. is the hardest I think..I know it is on me..
I would just as well want it to snow and snow hard.. get it over with.. no ice.. just snow.. much warmer that way.. not to mention the beauty it holds.. when it first really falls hard..
or soft but a lot.."smile"
will be in and out.. to visit you all as I can..
softest of hugs
always Hope

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  1. What a gorgeous shot!
    I do hope you are feeling all better soon.
    hugs xo

  2. Hope, I loved this post of yours and yes, isn't it wonderful to know that we can rejuventate our souls with just one word, one thought, one loving gesture. And your photo was terrific. I love the ice crystals on the leaves! I am lucky, I think. I have a number of friends (here and in blogland) that have problems with the changing of seasons and the lack of sunshine and therefore their own moods. Check out Nita if you get the chance. And flu? You and Lisa (RedWillow). Her family is all down with it, too. I hope all of you get to feeling better soon. It's one nasty bug, I know.
    By the way, the Jack Johnson is SUPERB! Now go bundle up and remember to drink a lot of chicken broth, the miracle worker of drugs :D

  3. Thanks for the reminder that I can't move outside of God's love... hope and pray you feel better soon!

  4. Hi Hope, Beautiful picture. I am fighting a bug myself right now too. I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Hope, what a beautiful image! Just gorgeous.

  6. Goodness, what an amazing picture of the fiery red leaves being chilled by the snow! Yes, I hate it getting dark in the afternoon now, but am so fortunate to live where I can experience all four seasons! Hope you feel better soon!

  7. I told Betsy yesterday, I don't do snow and ice and that is why we love Florida. I do complain bitterly about HEAT in the 3 hottest months. but i do love looking at your frosty ice on the photos, the header is gorgous. i liked your remark about the damage we do ot our souls with sin, all so true. and even after Jesus wipes it all bright and clean, the damage we have done continues on until we die. your thoughts gave me lots to think about. I love sunshine and get depressed when it is gray and cloudy. thanks for sharing your deepest thoughts with us. hope you feel beter today

  8. Clearly there's beauty in ever season. I have to say that the last year was one of the worst I've ever had with health. I still cringe at the memory of that lung infection and the broken rib the coughing caused me...ugh! Get better my friend!

  9. thank you all for visiting me.. and leaving you lovely comments and well wishes.. hope you all have a beautiful and restful day..
    soft hugs.

  10. Oh Dear Hope, I hope you feel a bit better by now...let the snow be your blanket and warm you in the cozyness of your home.
    Be well my friend.

  11. So wonderful contrasts in this ...icy photo!!!

    The leaf covered with ice pearls in its dark bordeaux.....GORGEOUS!!!!

    I do feel much alike you....the time between the cold autumn days and the beginning of deep winter is very hard....slowly slowly one has to get used to it..!

    Take care ciao ciao elvira

  12. Oh the beauty you found in the simplest thing. That special touch. Hugs Carrie